Bell sabotage, where is the CRTC?

Well, I am actually living that same experience that many lived trying to get connected to the bell network through TekSavvy reseller. They first gave me an appointment for the march 31 ( email proof) , then an email confirming it was the apr 1st. Called them on the first in the morning and suddenly things changed by themselves to the 5th which I had to change because I already had an appointment. They gave me the 10th of April instead. My first call to Tek savvy was on the 28th of April. I hope to get internet soon at home, my data plan on my phone is busted since decades and it’s sad to know that if I call Videotron directly, paying double price monthly will made me hooked up by the next day. Bell is playing real sabotage with resellers. Where is the CRTC?

This Isn’t a new thing, this post is dated of 2014 and talk about the same issue. Some waited up to 2 month for bell to connect properly customers.

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