Is it me or everybody’s electrified on the road tonight?

It’s Thursday night, 10 pm October, dark, cold and rainy night.

Back on the road to go home with the van,  just to get a spot between two electrified driver to climb on the highway is hard. On the highway, in town, i am at 70 on 70 km/h, right line out of three, everybody tries to push everyone else to go faster and I am the only one who’s keeping around a safe distance between the vehicle in front of me. Even the guy (or the lady) behind me is sticking to my ass like hell. As there was an empty time on my left, I moved left from one lane keeping the same speed and mister sticky passed me on the right like a jet, pedal to the metal to brake like hell a few hundred meter later for the next exit. If I could move left, he could had done the same as well to pass me on.


Some days, being on the road is a great pleasure, you can enjoy the floating on a cloud lightness of the atmosphere. Some other days, just being there is being part of a suspense movie where anything wrong could happen.

Rainy day, 80-90 km/h on the highway in town, everybody sticking to everybody’s ass leaving less than their own vehicle length between the previous car… I keep the right and lift the foot in those situations cause I feel like if i was in a room filled with gas vapour just waiting someone to click a micro switch on its cell phone to ignite an explosion.

Sorry for those who are rushed, pushing, on the road as well as anywhere in life will never lead you to your destination a quicker way!

Getting to bed now, I work tomorrow morning, I’ll be on the road today doing some in-town local delivery with 53 ft semitrailer truck. You need to keep zen with these mastodons.

Good night!

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