Eczema 1

From Angela Gildersleeve, Published in the group Herbalism For Beginners At Home – Medicinal Herbs and Herbalist Remedies on August 16 2021

I made an infusion for eczema! It’s the only thing I’ve ever used that actually works and doesn’t burn when I apply it… in fact, it soooooooothes. If anyone is interested in making your own, I’m sharing instructions for this super easy, quick, efficient infusion method and the ingredients I used.
Step 1: harvest plantain, horsetail, and chamomile. Put it all in a large pot.
Step 2: cover plant matter with bath temperature water and add coconut oil.
Step 3: put it in the oven on warm for 4 to 6 hours. Do not let the water get hot. Keep it at bathtub temperature.
Step 4: strain and squeeze as much liquid from the plant matter as possible.
Step 5: Put liquid in refrigerator until oil hardens and forms a floating disc.
Step6: dry disc and meltdown at very low heat. Pour into prepared jar for storage.

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