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Montreal – Paying tickets online more expensive than in person?

My last parking ticket was of a total of 53$ and it will be 55,50 if i pay it online!

If you caught a parking ticket and wanted to pay it online to get rid quickly of it, guess what: You got charged an extra 2,50$ for electronic transaction fees!

I taught that electronic transactions were actually cheaper than paying agents behind a desk to process manual transactions. All those transactions are processed by Desjardins, the financial institution the City of Montreal is dealing with for such online services. Check here how much really cost a transaction from what CBC Marketplace figured it out here:

I think the only way we could win that one would be to get together and loose all our days to attend at the city hall to overfill their employees until they aboard the extra fee for an electronic transaction.

Because i am SURE i am not the only one to apparently have a membership to this lucrative business:

What do you think about that?