The worst price

Whenever I saw an aberration on the price of an item, I always been tempted to make it public. I agree to encourage local economy but there is a limit to the depth of people’s pockets. When an article can be seen at $ 4 goes up to $ 8, it’s as much aberrant as a house of $ 500,000 that we would try to sell you at the price of one million dollars!

Would you feel guilty ordering some stuff on Ebay when local store raise their prices way too much?

The first item i’ll begin with is polyurethane insulating foam.

Polyurethane closed cell spray foam

Touch ‘n foam 12 oz bottle, regular yellow cap

$ 8.43 CAD at Reno Depot on October 25 2016.

0.70$ / oz!


 I have on a record that i saw some similar foam at home depot last year in 16 oz cans for 0.25$ per oz! The 16 oz can of great stuff cracks and gaps with a straw was 3.98$

…cause i just had another new idea -_-