Advanced TV Out Cable – Samsung i900 Omnia

Got an old Samsung Omnia, it still works… and I knew it had some tv out capacity. So a quick google search brought me those images which tells everything by themselves. You can charge the phone while watching tv out of it.

The Samsung i900 Omnia TV Out Cable can be used to connect your Omnia phone to your TV, HDTV, LCD-TV or projector. Durable bonded construction, with stereo audio outputs transmits high quality audio and pictures together. Oxygen-free gold connectors provide clear, noise-free quality of audio and video signals, whilst the corrosion-resistant/precise gold-plated connectors to ensure long lasting use.

The cable also has a built in charging adapter which means that all one has to do is connect a mini usb mains charger and it will charge while its plugged into the TV. There is also a 3.5mm audio adapter so you can charge you’re handset and listen in privacy at the same time.


  • Left, right audio and video RCA/Phono connections to a TV
  • In-line MiniUSB charging socket
  • 3.5mm stereo audio out

Key Details

UPC 5055401767033
Mobile Fun ID 18478
Brand Name Mobile Fun

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Doesn’t fit i8910 hd
I bought this for my omnia HD but it turns out its description is a lie because it doesn’t even fit it.
i900 TV out cable
I have just bought this and its brilliant, i can just sit there while i watch videos from my i900 on the TV, and at the same time it will charge the phone through the mini usb charger. Just get any mini usb mains charger and plug it into the side and away you go. Its def 5 out of 5 for me.
Useless Advanced TV Out Cable – Samsung i900
This Advanced TV Out Cable – Samsung i900 Omnia is useless as you can’t use it to watch movies connecting Omnia to TV because even though the cable comes with a Mini USB charging socket to charge the phone while watching the movie you don’t get the cable to connect the Mini USB charging socket to the outlet so when you connect your phone to the TV you can only watch the movie for around 10 minutes as the battery drains out. Nobody seem to sell the cable for the Mini USB charging socket. Very frustrated with this cable, it should have come with the cable for the Mini USB charging socket
No good
I brought this for my Samsung I900(Omnia) Because I wanted to watch movies from my phone on a 15″ LCD while at work, I wish I hadn’t bothered the picture was pixelated & dark the sound level was also really low. I have tried a few different films but they are all just as bad. so I know it is not the films.

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